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100 Top Interview Questions

We've hand-picked 100 top interview questions you need to know to be prepared.

Clear Answer Explanations

Every one of our questions has a clear explanation of the answer.

Python Runtime Environment

Writing and running code to data science problems is the best way to prepare for interviews. Code out your answers with our fully executable python environment, and run them against the correct solutions.

Job-Winning Resumes

View job-winning resumes and top resume tips across a range of roles, provided by our expert community.

Trending Interview Videos

Gain access to live data science interviews and see what went right and wrong for candidates.

Active Community

Join our vibrant community and gain access to free events like career prep webinars, Q&As with leading hiring managers, and career prep seminars.

The Best Way To Prepare For Data Science Interviews

Acing interviews requires being prepared with top data science questions. Our top 100 questions cover 9 categories across 3 difficulty levels, so you'll have everything you need to whiz by interviews.

The Perfect Practice Tool

Data science interviews are hard, in large part because you're required to know so much about so many different categories. Ideally, you'd have a succinct list of questions asked by top companies, and you could practice acing those questions with interactive coding environments and fun interfaces, ultimately finding clear explanations of solutions when finished.

We've Created That Ideal Into A Solution At Your Fingertips.